The E-Cig Review-how electronic cigarettes work

Beat public smoking bans or the cigarette habit with this new and innovative product that can ease the tension of quitting, and stop others of complaining about second hand smoke

Introducing the Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarettes...a revolutionary alternative to smoking!

Keep the satisfaction of smoking while curbing your addiction and eliminating all the unhealthy effects of inhaling smoke!

Electronic cigarettes feel and smoke just like a real cigarette, but has none of the harmful chemicals found in real cigarettes. The only thing you exhale is a virtually odorless vapor that looks like actual smoke, but dissipates quickly in the air, so it leaves little or no odor behind..

Electronic cigarettes come in different styles , though many are designed to resemble real  cigarettes or cigars. Another common design is the "pen-style", which is a popular choice for people who work in certain locations, such as an airport, hospital, office setting or anywhere else a pack of cigarettes hanging out of your pocket is unappealing. Most electronic cigarettes are reusable devices with replaceable and refillable cartridges  Forms of disposable electronic cigarettes have also been created (Makes a great gift for a loved one who needs to quit!!)

                                                   How it Works
Most electronic cigarettes have a rechargeable battery.   Many different types of battery charger are available, such as wall outlet, car accessory, and USB chargers. The disposable ones contain a single use battery which exceeds the life of the nicotine cartridge.  The parts of  an electronic cigarette shown below are common to virtually all styles of non disposable E-cigarette.

A. LED light cover
B. battery (also houses circuitry)
C. atomizer (heating element)
D. cartridge (mouthpiece).

Electronic cigarettes are activated by inhalation. While some models require you to press a button while you inhale, most use an electronic airflow sensor to automatically activate the heating element upon inhalation . There is a a timed cutoff switch to prevent overheating and a  LED "cherry" that lights up when the device is activated.   When you inhale, the battery activates the heating element, or atomizer.  This vaporizes the nicotine out of the cartridge( mouthpiece).  Some electronic cigarette brands have a cartomizer instead of the atomizer and cartridge, which functions as a heating element and  mouthpiece in one.  The cartridge contains a liquid nicotine solution (commonly known as "e-juice" or "e-liquid")   So what you inhale feels like cigarette smoke.  But what you actually inhale in vaporized nicotine and water vapor, similar to the fog produced by a nebulizer used to treat pneumonia.  The vapor you inhale won't yellow your teeth or coat your car window with smoke because its not smoke. This means you get your nicotine, you can keep your habit, and all while removing the many risks associated with inhaling smoke!

                               What's in it?

E-juice/E-liquid is sold separately for refillable cartridges.  The E-juice consists of nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol (PG) and/or glycerin (glycerol). Both PG and glycerin are common food additives  Several different flavors are available, including ones that taste similar to Marlboro and Camel, menthol, fruit flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and a variety of others.  The amount of nicotine varies by cartridge, ranging from 18mg of nicotine to none at all, depending on the users preference.  No tar, and 3,900 or so fewer chemicals than cigarette smoke.

                Why try Electronic Cigarettes?

Still wondering if you should try them? ? Here are some popular reasons:
    * No tar or other poisonous chemicals. Regular cigarettes contain around 4,000 harmful chemicals including arsenic, ammonia, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and cyanide  . .
    * No second-hand smoke, so you're not harming those around you either.  The vapor produced by electronic cigarettes is virtually odorless and leaves little residual taste in your mouth.
    * Beat the public smoking bans! Many countries now ban smoking in most public places, but you can enjoy your Electronic Cigarette almost anywhere!
    * Save money.Save 50% or more by switching to Electronic cigarettes. .
    * Beat your addiction with decreasing strengths of nicotine. Unlike a light cigarette, the cartridges actually deliver a reduced amount of nicotine when they say so.  The nicotine from an e-cigarette is absorbed more slowly, though, and satisfaction may take a minute or so.
    * "Vape" in places where cigarettes are not allowed, such as airports, hospitals and office buildings.
    * Wide range of flavors available..
    * Nicotine cravings are satisfied without patches that fall off, gum that tastes horrible, and while satisfying your craving for the smoking sensation.
    * No more lighter, matches, burn holes, dirty car windows or ashtray to mess with.

 Where can I get my electronic cigarettes?

While there are dozens of companies out there making e-cigarettes of premium quality, the best and most reputable ones can be found here.  Check out the popular brands to see which one is right for you.

 Green Smoke -  
Green Smoke™ offers a quality Electronic cigarette with disposable cartridges. Our E-cigarettes produce the highest smoke volume in the industry. With a variety of flavors and nicotine levels, Green Smoke's™ patented electric cigarette technology offers convenience and performance that is unmatched. Green Smoke™ products have been independently tested for safety. Green Smoking is your best alternative to tobacco; Smokeless E Cigarettes! Click here for more info.

   Blu Electronic Cigarettes-
  •  Made to strict quality control standards
  • Smoke blu anywhere
  • blu pack charges the cigarettes while you're on the go
  • No tar, no tobacco, no ash & no smell
  • Looks, feels, and tastes like a real cigarette
  • 75% cheaper than traditional cigarettes
  • Free Shipping
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

 By Electroniccigarettesinc.

  • Manual Battery or Automatic Battery: Control the length of your drag!
  • Low Resistance Atomizer: a more life-like smoking experience
  • High Quality: Sturdy construction- top of the line product
  • Color options:black w/ blue LED, white w/ orange LED, stainless steel w/ blue led or pink w/ purple led.
  • E-liquid Compatible: Cartridges are refillable and reusable
  •  Many Accessories   adaptors, E-Liquids, carrying cases, charging packs, USB pass-through's, USB chargers and much more.
    Huge Vapor Production: one of the highest vapor producing electronic cigarettes on the market.

Click here to learn more...

Instead Electronic Cigarettes
Instead Electronic Cigarettes are the most unique kits on the market. Our new kits come in water resistant tins and include a carrying pouch. Each set also comes with 2 Atomizers, 2 Batteries, 1 USB Charger, 1 AC Adapter, 5 empty cartridges and an optional bottle of E-Liquid. Each bottle of E-liquid is approximately equivalent to 300 traditional tobacco cigarettes. You can choose either American made or Imported E-Liquid as well as the nicotine level and flavor. We hope you like our unique e-cigarette sets as much as we do!

 By Electroniccigarettesinc.

Duo Pro System
 Learn more here...
  • Your choice of nicotine levels that range from high, medium, low or nicotine-free.
  • Your choice of flavors including tobacco, menthol, cherry, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, or cuban cigar. 
  • You are not bound to one flavor choice. With every new cartridge is the option for a new flavor.

    • A Superb cartridge and battery life. 300+ Puffs!
    • The Duo Pro™ is tar free, virtually odorless, and free of many of the chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.
    • The Duo Pro™ does not require lighters, ashtrays or other smoking paraphanelia. Nor does it carry the fire risk associated with burning cigarettes.

    By Electroniccigarettesinc.

    Smokepass Disposable E-Cigarette
    Get yours here
    • The Smoke Pass ® electronic cigarette- The brand new disposable electronic cigarette unit. It is a perfect fit for those times when you need a smoke, in a place that smoking is traditionally banned. This may include bars and restaurants, or even your home or workplace. The Smoke Pass is a cheap, expendable electronic cigarette designed be used anywhere.
    • The Smoke Pass ® features disposable atomizer technology in the cartridges.
    • The volume of vapor produced by the Smoke Pass ® is of the highest of all the disposable on the market and the quality is excellent..
    If you're looking to enjoy smoking in bars and establishments that have banned smoking, now is the time to get your Smoke Pass ®.

    Njoy Electronic Cigarettes

    This is an electronic cigarette classically styled to  look like a traditional cigarette, creating huge amounts of vapor while effortlessly drawing air into the vaporization chamber. This allows the flavor of the vapor to be fully enjoyed similar to that of traditional smoking. Additional benefits of the NPRO are a lighter smaller battery for ease of use.
    Click here to learn more.

    Luci E-Cigarettes
      •  Nothing to burn
      •  No tar or ash
      •  No smoke                                         
      •  No harsh smell
      •  No stained teeth
      •  Use indoor
      • Feels like the real thing
      • Multiple nicotine strengths
      •  A variety of flavor with smooth taste
      Try LUCI for 30-daysUse LUCI anywhere, even indoors.
      No Second-hand smoke, no tar.

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      E-Cigarette is a revolutionary new advance in technology that looks, feels, tastes like a  cigarette and requires the same mechanical motions. They emit an almost odorless water vapor that looks like smoke, but isn’t.  Who knows, this could be your chance to finally kick the habit for good.  So what are you waiting for, stop stepping out for a smoke, and get vaping today!!!

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